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OTHER Services


Yard Debris Removal

The last thing you want to do after raking up leaves and trash in your yard or even picking up stray limbs after a storm is figuring out how to dispose of them. Our Absolute Services team can not only pick up your yard debris for you, but get it to the appropriate disposal facility so that it is out of your yard and off of your hands.


Apartment / Rental Content Removal

Moving out of a rental home or office and planning on leaving some items behind? Call us for efficient apartment or condo contents removal. If you are a landlord, let Absolute Services help you minimize the time lapsed between tenants by ridding your rental spaces of items that occupants leave behind. When moving to a new office or renovating a current one, we'll help you remove surplus furniture and miscellaneous items to keeping the process moving.



Appliance Removal & Disposal

New appliances are exciting, until it's time to figure out where to safely trash or recycle your old refrigerator, stove or washing machine. No need to call around-just make the call to Absolute Services and let our team handle the rest from pickup to disposal.



Junk Recycling

We make every effort to be green and recycle any junk items or pieces of items that we can. By recycling, we do our part to put less waste into landfills.



Pickup Restrictions

Although they're not numerous, there are some restrictions on the type of junk that Absolute Services can remove and dispose of. These include:
•Liquids of any kind
•Embers or hot ashes
•Hazardous waste