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Junk Removal

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Junk Hauling & Removal

At Absolute Services, we believe that the term "junk" has a broad meaning, because just about anything that is no longer useful can be classified that way. Your junk might be stacks and stacks of papers, old books, or trinkets, or you may have large appliances and furniture that you have no need for anymore. Why worry about trying to find several places to get rid of it all-make one phone call to Absolute Services for all-in-one junk removal, recycling and mini-storage.


Household Junk Removal

Junk removal doesn't have to be reserved for Spring. Often, packing up for a big move encourages a cleaning spree that results in boxes and bags of unnecessary items. We'll help you clean your attic, basement, garage or living area by removing the items you don't need. Then, we'll take the final step in getting rid of them for you, just call for our truck and crew.

Spring Cleaning Services

Spring is one of the busiest times of year for home and business owners to get rid of excess or unwanted items. As you separate the "keep" pile from the "junk" pile when cleaning your home or office, stop to make a call to our team. We'll have a truck out to you when you need it, and our trained employees will load it up for you.

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We calculate cost of junk removal by the volume that it takes up in our truck.

We price to the nearest 1/4 load, use the image of our truck for a visual estimate. 

Extremely Heavy Materials such as concrete, gravel, soil, shingles, sod, sand, plaster, cement or dry wall may incur additional charges. 

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